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In order to use this feature you need to create a FREE ACCOUNT !

If you already have an account, please SIGN IN and return to this page.

What are the benefits of creating an account?

  1. You can save your grocery list online and reuse it the next time you sign in.

    For example, you can add items to your list when you run out of them instead of waiting until just before you go grocery shopping to create your list.
    You run out of "butter" on Monday and you sign into your account and add it to your list.
    Then on Wednesday you run out of "milk" and you log in and add "milk" to your list. Since you have an account your list is being saved, you print your saved list out on Saturday and go shopping.

  2. You can share your list with others.

    For example, your spouse is at work and you ask him or her to review the grocery list from work and add any items you have forgotten to add to the list. Your spouse logs into from work with your username and password and adds milk to the list. You print the final list from home before going to the store.

  3. You can use GrocerWiz options such as being able to clear all the items from your list at one time.

    By using the "Clear List" option you don't have to uncheck each item on your list you click the "Clear List" button that will appear in the "My List Options" page once you have logged in.