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WHAT IS UPROMIS? It's a free service that gives you money back for purchases that can be applied toward your college savings. U Promise You get money back from grocery shopping, eating out at restaurants (up to 8%), and shopping online (1%-25%).

HOW DOES UPROMIS WORK? It's cool how they work you don't have to do anything once you have every thing set up. You register any cards that you frequently use, drug store cards, grocery cards, credit cards etc. Once all these have been entered into Upromis it automatically adds your savings to your Upromis account. Yes, you do have to entered your credit card information but it's worth it to have everthing automatically tracked.

HOW DO YOU GET YOUR MONEY? You can have your money automatically put in various type of accounts. You can have it automatically deposited in a high yeild savings account. You can have it deposited in a 529 college savings account, you can have it automaically pay down a current education loan like "Sallie Mae". You can even just request a check so it can be used for college related bills.

U Promise