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    Are you tired of unhealthy fast food and same tasting sandwiches when dining out? Noodles and Company offers a taste of the world in one restaurant. Their specialties are noodle-based entrees in American, Asian and Mediterranean styles.

    Satisfy your craving of noodles, pasta, salads, soups and sandwiches in one roof. Noodles and Company couponswill get you discounts on your next meal.

    About the Company

    Noodles and Company started in 1993 when founder Aaron Kennedy was living in New York and found that there is no restaurant that offers fresh food and convenience at the same time. He also wondered how one restaurant could cater the cravings of various people by offering a diverse menu of noodle-based cuisines, such as Pad Thai of Thailand, Lo Mein of China and Mac and Cheese of Wisconsin.

    In 1995, his vision came into fruition and a single restaurant turned into hundreds nationwide. They have since expanded and added soups, salads and sandwiches.

    Noodles and Company Coupons and Discounts

    In order to get Noodles and Company discounts, sign up for Noodlegram, the restaurant’s e-club. By signing up, you will automatically receive news about VIP events, Grand Openings, seasonal specialties, giveaways and of course Noodles and Company coupons. Coupons and offers are sent to your inbox throughout the year.

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    Noodles and Company Gift Cards

    You can give the perfect present to your family and friends through Noodles and Company Gift Cards. There are three types of gift cards available: The Crave Card, The World Card and The Anything Card. They can also check the balance of the card by going to the website.

    noodle and company couponsSatisfy your cravings for a bowl of noodles with Noodles and Company coupons!


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