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    If you like chicken and you like biscuits then Bojangles is the place for you. Many of their menu items have biscuits instead of hamburger buns. They also have a nice southern touch with a lot of their food. For example you can get sweet potato pie. I don’t think you can get that at Mcdonalds. A lot of their food is also very spicy with a Cajun seasoning. For example they have a Cajun Filet Sandwich, Cajun Pintos, and seasoned fries.

    What deals and coupons can you get at Bojangles?

    They offer rewards for joining their “E-Club” like a free Sausage,Steak, Country Ham or Cajun Filet Biscuit Coupon. You get a special rewards on your birthday. They will send you monthly e-mail specials and quarterly discount coupons. Not bad for taking a minute to sign up. They don’t offer any kind of Bojangles printable coupon directly on their site. In other words, you will have to sign up to get the rewards and coupons.

    How to get deals and specials.

    In order to get the saving follow the link below and fill out all the information including your email address. Right off the bat you will get a free coupon for a sandwich.

    Interesting things about Bojangles.

    They have a store on their web site where you can buy Bojangles apparel and their French Fry Seasoning.  They offer other things like pencils, hats, drink ware, and more.


    Bojangles Coupons

    Bojangles Coupons



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